So BBC’s In the Flesh has officially ripped out and curb stomped my heart. I shed actual factual tears and needed SEVERAL tissues.

Spoilers are below.

Okay so WHAT the EVER LOVING FUCK. I had seen some gifs from the show on tumblr and thought it’d be something like “lol zombies are fine, toes mcgoats and they have an Undead Liberation Army or whatever and this skinny zombie guy is being rescued from a government test facility by commando!Zombie dudes. and this will be a fast paced adventure! Woohoo!”

LIES. LIES TUMBLR. I have NEVER been so mislead as to what something is about!

REN AND RICK!!! ARGH. And part of me is all “oh well this is sort of one really long and semi surreal take on the ‘it gets better’ campaign with oh, hey, a little foot note that a lot of veterans returning home commit suicide and need counseling.” The rest of me has reverted to teenage girl me and is flailing around going “THEY LOCKED HIM IN THE CUPBOARD WHEN HE HAD TO CLAW HIS WAY OUT OF THE COFFffffffiiiiiiinnnnnnnn whhhhhhyyyyyyy oh baby come here and I will look after your undead gay self. REN + RICK 5EVA !11!1!!!!11 Reeeeeennnnnnn……why are you strangely more attractive as a zombie? ….Riiiiiick why did you have to diiiiiieeeeeEEEEeeee”

yeah. It’s not pretty in the Panda household this evening. I’m going to go eat my feelings with lemon meringue pie and ignore the fact that I have to be up at 7 to get ready for work. Fuck you BBC. Just once I want ONE COUPLE to ride happily into the gay sunset.

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